17 Best Purpose of Vacuum Cleaners

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Household items never run out of style or fashion. They are among the few items always updated and offered on the market. Home appliances are essential in every home and make a living for the household members simple and relaxing. Vacuum are tools for sucking up and eliminating dust and other tiny particles. Apart from that, check out various purpose of vacuum cleaners.

Certain items may be electronic, and some are used manually with no electricity. These include appliances for the kitchen, networking electronics, and cleaning tools. The invention of cleaning tools has made the lives of men and women who clean simple.

Some of the amazing creations include washing machines, the dishwasher, and the most effective multi-purpose device, the vacuum. Vacuum cleaners can clean any surface, wood, or carpeted floors, automobiles, and stairs.

Numerous kinds and models of vacuums are economical and easy to use.

A vacuum cleaner is employed to remove spilled liquid or remove any dust from the living space. The appliance can also be utilized for cleaning other devices due to the various attachments. It is possible to collect pet hair and ashes around your fireplace. Other options to make use of your vacuum cleaner are:

1. Clean Up Appliances

Another option is to use your vacuum to clean other kitchen appliances. If you’re cleaning your refrigerator, use the vacuum to wash up any liquid or food that has spilled when it comes with two cleaning options.

It is also possible to utilize this vacuum cleaning machine to eliminate the dust that has accumulated around the refrigerator’s coils and the condenser unit to make your refrigerator operate more efficiently and remain cold.

2. Clean Electronic Keyboards


Use your vacuum to thoroughly clean the keyboards on your electronic devices. If you’ve disinfected your tablet or computer keyboard and want to clean it up, use the handheld vacuum to vacuum off the dust or crumbs that have settled between your keys. If you own a larger vacuum, you can use the crevice attachment to scoop all food leftovers.

3. Trap Dust Before Spreading

Make use of the vacuum dusting brush attachment to collect dust from lampshades and books, blinds, lighting fixtures, and even leaves of plants before doing any other cleaning. The first step is to remove the dust. This can prevent streaks and smears.

4. Deodorize Items

Utilize your vacuum to remove the smelly toys, shoes, or clothes. Place the item in a garbage bag and add 2 or 3 cups of cat litter, based on the dimension of the object.

The trash bag should be tied off, and put your item in it for 6 to 8 hours, or 2 three days. If your item has stopped smelling, use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate any dust or cat litter.

5. Disperse Essential Oil

Additionally, you can utilize a vacuum cleaner to create a scent in your home that resembles the essential oils you love. Use a few drops or completely soak the cotton ball in an essential oil such as peppermint or lavender, and then place it in your vacuum cleaner’s dust cap or the cleaning bag.

When you’re vacuuming your home, the airflow from the machine will be dispersed and release the fragrance that the oils provide. This way, you’ll clear the house and refresh the living space.

6. Fix Dents On Carpets

carpet dent

A vacuum cleaner is utilized to repair carpet indentations in the house. If you own heavy furniture pieces you’ve thought of moving but aren’t sure about due to the obvious marks the pieces leave, your carpet may aid.

After you’ve moved the furniture, put an ice cube within the carpet indentation, and allow it to melt. The cold water will help carpet fibers to re-fluff. When the carpet has dried, clean your carpet across the affected area and remove the indentation.

7. Makeover Your Living Room

The vacuum eliminates odors and brings brightness to the various fabrics in your living space. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean dust, crumbs, and dirt from your furniture, pillows, and carpets.

Hence, use baking soda to sprinkle your upholstery pillows, carpets, and other zones. Use a moist mop or sponge to rub the baking soda onto the carpet.

Let it rest for an hour. After that, utilize the vacuum to vacuum your baking soda. The fabric will appear brighter, and your living area will appear cleaner.

8. Capture Excess Pet Hair 

pet hair

A vacuum cleaner’s task is to collect all pet hair stuck to rugs and falling on hardwood flooring. However, you can also clean your pet’s bedding and take pet hair off the bedding and quilts before putting them in the washing machine.

Hair that is too large in washing machines is among the primary reasons for causing clogs and leaks or water pumps to break.

You can buy other attachments to groom your dog’s coat by brushing and suctioning out the loose fur. But remember not to do anything that causes your pet to feel uncomfortable.

9. Find Small Items

Use the vacuum to search for a small earring or pin from your clothing that you’ve lost and can’t locate. If you’ve found something lost in the carpet’s fibers, place a pantyhose stocking and run it across the area where you found what you’re trying to find. The vacuum will collect the object, but the pantyhose and stocking will hold it beyond the attachment.

10. Get Rid of Allergens.

It is easy to eliminate allergens found in your home by using your vacuum. With the attachment for dust on the machine, sweep your window sills and screens, as well as your door tracks and screens, to take out any dust or pollen accumulated over the week. Also, you can vacuum between your screens and windows and your curtains or drapes.

11. Groom Pets

groom pet

A vacuum cleaner, as well as its attachments, is a great way to groom your pet. If your vacuum has an attachment for your pet’s hair, just run it across the hair of the pet if they’re happy with it.

If you don’t own the model with this attachment, then you can use either the aperture or soft dusting attachment to collect any hair shed by your pet.

12. Maintain Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Another option to utilize the vacuum cleaner is to clean fireplaces and pits. Instead of cleaning up soot and ash, make use of your vacuum cleaner as it’s quicker, and some models contain separate tanks for storing any ash left over. Be sure that the ash and soot remain cool before you begin vacuuming it.

13. Exert Insect Control

A study done by Ohio State University shows that regular vacuuming kills more than 96 percent of the fleas (adult and larvae) within a home.

A vacuum is also an excellent method of removing dust mites and the human skin cells they consume from mattresses.

A crevice tool can also be a good tool to capture insects like mosquitoes and spiders that gather in the ceiling’s corners. Once the bugs have gone, you can attach an unclean white cloth to the tool using an elastic band to catch dust and cobwebs.

14. Stop Fires

Vacuums can help prevent fires from occurring. Utilize a small attachment to sweep the counters and between the appliances. Ensure you unplug toasters and ovens before cleaning up any crumbs using the vacuum.

This can keep fires out and stop insects from entering your appliances. For your convection oven, run a cleaning cycle before vacuuming the oven for any remaining residue.

To avoid a fire in your dryer, use the crevice device. Unplug the dryer and clean the lint that builds up by removing the lint trap, then use the vacuum to rid yourself of any lint caught within the vent. Make this a habit every three or four months for security reasons.

15. To Prevent House Fires.

A vacuum cleaner is a fantastic method of removing any excess lint, a common cause of house fires, from your dryer’s vents and out of the dryer itself. Unplug the dryer first, turn off your gas supply if you have one, and then use the crevice tool to reach the vent and underneath the appliance.

If you’re adept, open the housing behind the dryer, and then vacuum out any lint that has gotten trapped.

16. Clean Kitchen Appliances

kitchen app

Your vacuum isn’t going to clear out the fridge or eliminate food debris from your cooktop, but it can assist you with your kitchen. In each instance, always disconnect the appliance before performing any task.

  • Make sure to clean the space between the countertops and appliances using the crevice tool for vacuuming. Making sure that crumbs are kept under control will prevent insects from invading.
  • After an automated baking cycle to clean the oven, you can use the vacuum to eliminate any ashy residue.
  • Utilize your vacuum to clean dust from condenser and refrigerator coils. The refrigerator will run more efficiently and will stay lower and more steady.
  • Make sure to avoid small sparks from exploding by using the vacuum to remove food particles from toasters that have not been plugged in or toaster ovens.

17. Unclog Sinks

A vacuum cleaner can also be an excellent tool to clear the sinks in your home. If your vacuum is equipped with the option of blowing, utilize it to clear bathtubs or kitchen sinks.


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